be pure
Like an eagle gliding through the air, Verado jets you through the water like no other engine will ever do. Its unique look exudes pure perfection and its stealth operation puts your boating perfectly in tune with the beautiful colours of the surrounding water.
be you
Verado is also a winner that lets you fully enjoy your time on the water. Breathtaking top speed and acceleration for when you like going to extremes, or ultra smooth operation to enjoy relaxing moments.
be Verado
Verado is much more than just an outboard motor; it’s a way of life. Being Verado means standing out from the crowd and leading the way. You are a winner who takes risks and is always ahead of others. You like going to extremes and never accept second best. All these values can be found in Verado. On the water and on shore.
Power, Beauty and Innovation all in a Compact Package

The Most Advanced Power