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Contractual Warranty

The standard contractual warranty period depends upon the country in which you

purchased this outboard motor.

Warranty coverage becomes available upon proper registration of the product by the


Extended Warranty

As of June 1, 2008, Brunswick Marine in EMEA extends the warranty coverage up to 5

years on its Verado, OptiMax and 4 stroke outboard engines given that the conditions for

this Extended Warranty are fulfilled. (Some countries may elect to implement the program

at a later date).

The total period of warranty are factory-backed and give the same comprehensive

warranty coverage as Mercury Marine’s standard manufacturer’s warranty (including

labor) for failures caused by defect in material or workmanship. The extended 5 year

warranty will repair or replace as required, any part that is proved defective in material or

workmanship under normal use during the applicable warranty period. All parts replaced

under warranty will be considered as part of the original product and any warranty on

those parts will expire coincidentally with the original product warranty. For full details of

the warranty coverage and exclusions please refer to the factory warranty policy and

conditions which are set out in your Operation and Maintenance Manual (see “Warranty


Provided that the Extended Warranty conditions have been met, the additional warranty

becomes effective when the standard factory limited warranty expires. The Extended

Warranty will terminate upon failure to meet any of the extended warranty conditions.

Unexpired warranty coverage can be transferred to a subsequent purchaser upon proper

re-registration of the product.

Conditions for Extended Warranty

The Mercury Marine specified pre-delivery inspection process for the outboard must be

completed and documented by your Dealer.

An Authorized Service Centre * must perform the recommended routine

servicing/maintenance requirements and repairs and log these with Mercury.

The recommended service intervals and maintenance recommendations must be adhered

to 3mth, 12mth, 2yr, 3yr, 4yr, 5yr or 20hr, 100 hrs, 200 hrs, 300 hrs, 400 hrs, 500 hrs, 600

hrs…; whatever comes first.

The Extended Warranty program will not be limited in terms of hours of usage providing

that the conditions are met.

ONLY Mercury Marine certified parts, oils and lubes must be used for service and repairs.

Services must be recorded in your logbook and registered on-line by your authorized



Products that have been modified or altered from their original production

configuration are not eligible for Mercury 5 Year extended Warranty. The addition

of, or replacement with, parts or accessories not approved by Mercury Marine, or

not installed by an Authorized Service Centre, will be cause for your Mercury

Marine Outboard 5 Year extended warranty to be cancelled. This may also affect

your rights under the standard factory warranty.

Eligible Products

New Mercury & Mariner Outboards (other than non-eligible products) purchased

after June 1, 2008, from a dealer authorized by Mercury Marine to distribute the

product in Europe, Middle-East, CIS and Africa* which are used solely for

pleasure applications.

Non-Eligible Products and Uses

Racing and Mercury Performance Products, regardless of length of warranty

period. Products used by local, State, or Federal Government or volunteer

agencies. Products used in any work, boat rental, time-share/multiple ownership

or employment related use, or any use of the product, which generates income,

for any part of the warranty period, even if the product is only occasionally used

for such purposes.


The warranty does not extend to the following:

  • Cosmetics, corrosion and abuse.
  • Servicing items e.g. filters, anodes etc.
  • Gaskets, seals, hoses and other non metallic parts.
  • Accidental damage, no missing metal, neither water in the fuel system

nor engine.

  • Conditions caused by lack of routine maintenance (as outlined in the

owners manual).

  • Conditions caused by the use of propeller(s) that do not allow the

outboard engine to run in its recommended full throttle rpm range.

  • Operation inconsistent with the recommended operation/duty cycle (as

outlined in the owners manual).

  • Parts affected or damaged by an accident, submersion and/or collision.
  • Normal wear and tear.
  • Fuel contamination and water entering the engine through the fuel

intake, air intake, or exhaust system.

  • Operation with fuels, oils, additives and lubricants which are not suitable

for use in the product.

  • Use in an application for which the outboard engine was not designed,

such as racing or competitive use or any other misuse or neglect.

  • Incorporation of unsuitable attachments or parts.
  • The unauthorized alternation, improper installation and/or rigging, or any

causes other than defects in material or workmanship.

  • Corrosion to steering system or electrical components, corrosion due to

electrolysis, water born foreign chemicals, improper service or corrosion

caused by damage or abuse. NB. Corrosion caused by damage or


  • Reimbursement for towing charges, in and out of water charges, or

technical travel time.

  • Growth of marine organisms on motor surfaces, external or internal.

Additional Warranty Information and Conditions

Additional information regarding your outboard’s factory warranty policy and

conditions can be found in your Operation and Maintenance Manual (see

“Warranty Information”).

* This warranty applies only to Mercury and Mariner outboards registered through

an authorized Mercury or Mariner Distributor or Dealer.– Please check the

Brunswick Marine in EMEA website ( for more

details on our authorized dealer network.